7 Best Travel Duffel Bag of 2024 – Guide and Reviews

One of the most common problems that many travelers face is finding a quality travel bag to carry their items. There are different types of bags that you can choose to suit your travel needs. Duffle bags provide a great way of carrying your belonging. If you have the best duffle bag, you can carry a lot of items, especially if you are going for a longer trip.

These bags are versatile, simple, and easy to use. I also love duffle bags because they fit almost any situation. How do you choose the right duffle bag to meet your travel needs? While there is a wide range of duffle bags on the market today, they are not the same. Some are better than others in regards to the size, durability comfort, and many other aspects.

Our expert team have researched the market to provide you with quality travel
duffle bags that you can consider buying. These bags are designed with the needs of a traveler in mind. Check out our 7 best duffle bag reviews to help you decide which one is right for you.

Top 7 Best travel Duffle Bag Reviews

 1.  Plambag canvas duffle Bag for travel

Best Duffle Bag

Are you planning on a quick family or work trip? If you are, then you will need to have the best duffel bag in hand. This lightweight, fashionable style canvas duffle Bag will give you a magical experience and an elegant look compared to other travel bags.

This oversized canvas duffle Bag features a shoulder strap of 27.6 inches to 56.4 inches plus top handles. It is designed to give you comfort and different carrying options. Check out this plambag reviews below.


Plambag canvas duffle Bag is versatile, and you can use it for just about anything. It features round stitched grip handles plus adjustable padded removable shoulder strap buckle to give you different comfortable carrying options. The best thing is that both men and women can use it.

Durable materials

It is made of high-density cotton canvas which is soft on touch yet very durable. Comes with a Wear-resistant and waterproof rubber mat at the bottom to prevent the duffel bag from getting damaged or torn. The inside of this duffel bag is made of soft nylon lining to prevent any kind of messes.

Large capacity

Comes with enough space to fit all your essentials for your weekend travels. The various pockets on this bag are roomy enough to have you pack small and large items within one bag. It can hold all your necessities like clothes, laptop, tablet, A4 books, shoes and other essentials.


Although it is generously roomy, this duffel bag fits well in most aeroplane overhead bins. This is because of its soft build that lets you mold the bag to the tiniest compartments of even some regional jets.

Great structure

Plumbag duffel bag comes with two side zipper pockets and one back wall zipper pocket. It also has one front magnetic snap pocket one main compartment that has an inner zipper wall pocket plus two open wall pockets. All these multiple pockets, organize your essentials neatly. Furthermore, two-way zipper-top closure of the main compartment can hold and secure your essentials throughout your travels.

Pros and Cons of Canvas Duffle Bag


  • Comes with two-way zipper closure
  • Durable materials
  • It is versatile
  • Large packing capacity


  • Shoulder strap can get a little uncomfortable 
  • The material isn't waterproof 
Final verdict

Getting a unisex duffel bag can be depressing at times. It's neither too masculine or it doesn't have what you are looking for. Luckily with the plumber canvas duffle Bag, you can put your search to a stop. Any gender can use it, and the unique features will have you drooling over it from time to time.

As the best duffel bag, it will not only save you for years. It will also give you that elegant, stylish look that you have always wanted so badly. Get this wonderful duffle bag and get to use it for anything you can think of.

 2.  Kemy's duffel bag oversized genuine leather weekend bag

best duffle bag

Finding the best weekend duffle Bag will give you the convenience to pack all your essentials for the weekend and easy carrying options. The best duffel bag will give you all the storage options that you will need. This is exactly what Kemy's duffel bag has got that to offer. This Mens weekend bag is the perfect solution for your short trips and airline vacations thanks to its compact design.

Kemy's duffel bag is ranked as one of the best mens leather weekend travel bags that has gone through extensive testing. This is to give you a top-quality oversized Weekender bag that can serve you for generations.

Durable materials

This genuine leather overnight bag is made from heavy-duty canvas and crazy horse leather. It gives you a soft but tough exterior that can withstand any sort of wear.  This duffle bag is a sturdy and masculine leather duffle bag which will still look great as it ages.


These designer duffle bags mens come with two external front pockets that have leather cover. It also has a zippered pocket on the end of the bag, one side zippered shoe compartment and one zippered side pocket. All these pockets can let you pack and use the bag for any kind of trip you prefer.

Large capacity

 Whether small or large, this duffel bag has enough space to let you pack all your items. It has got additional Loops and pockets that can house the smallest of your items separately from the large ones so that they don't get lost.

Elegant design

When it comes to style, is made of a vintage color which looks amazing and luxurious. If you are a man looking to travel in style, then this leather weekend bag mens is a Perfect Choice. You can get to gift it to that special man in your life like a husband or son as they will surely love it because of its appealing design.

Different carrying options

These designer duffle bags womens and men's come with varying options of carrying to suit anyone's taste. It features an adjustable slide snap hook shoulder strap easily adjust to the preferred shoulder length you wish to carry it at. Also, the soft side handles can be used to carry the bag by hand or on the back whichever would suit you best.

Pros and Cons of Kemy's duffel bag


  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Comfortable carrying options
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Zipper closure
  • Hydro shield water-resistant base


  • Its body construction is not fully water-resistant
Final verdict

This duffel bag is designed to meet all your personal interests. Whether you go for the large duffel bags or the duffel bag medium and small sizes, be sure to get the same quality. The only difference would be the packaging capacity. You need to know the number of items that you always travel with to get the right duffel bag size.

Therefore, if you are a sportsperson or a gym enthusiast, we recommend you try out this duffel bag as it has all the unique features that will suit you. No doubt it's the best duffel bag for sports persons.

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 3.  Adidas Team issue duffel bag

adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag;

Adidas duffel bag is your best companion, whether you are in the field, at the gym or even on the go. Comes in three different sizes which are the small, medium and large size. Decide on any of the sizes, and we guarantee you'll have the best duffel bag at hand.

Unlike other ordinary duffle bags, Adidas team issue duffel bag comes with a lifetime warranty. Below you can check out more detailed features that make it stand out.

Carrying comfort and convenience

These duffel bags with a detachable adjustable shoulder strap designed with air mesh pad to give you a more comfortable sweat-free carrying option. They are also compatible with a yoga mat. You can choose to carry it two ways clipped down or unclipped.

Large and roomy

When it comes to having all your essentials with you, these bags have got you covered. Depending on where you want to go they generally have enough room to cater for all of them. The Adidas duffel bag large will provide you with more space to pack all your essentials compared to the other smaller sizes. The zippered interior will help you store all those items securely. You need to know the number of things that you always carry around on your trips to choose the right size.

Performance technology

They feature a hydro shield water-resistant base to help you prepare for any weather conditions. The fresh Pak ventilated pocket is designed to help you store dirty gear and shoes. You don't have to mix up your clean gear with the dirty ones, especially when you're from the gym.

Great structure design

They come with a mesh drop pocket to give you quick access to those items you want nearer. Also, the front zippered pocket is perfect for keeping larger quick access items.

Durable materials

It is designed with durable hexagon rips top material that can withstand any form of use and abuse. The body construction is made of high-quality polyester and the inside as well. This ensures that the duffle bag lasts and withstands wear and tear.

Pros and Cons of Adidas Team issue duffel bag


  • Easy to carry even in long distances
  • It is durable
  • Relatively cheap
  • Can be folded and wrapped into smaller size
  • Has a reliable strength hence carries many items


  • It does not have travel rails
Final Verdict

I bought this duffel bag for my wife, and she says it is the best travel bag gift for her. You will find the travel bags helpful due to its roomy and ease of accessing your belongings within seconds. When it comes t5o choosing a backpack, it is good you choose wisely. I recommend this best duffel bag for your travel. You can use them for camping, outdoor sports or in any short and long trips. This travel bag will serve your need. With its large space, you can enjoy its ability to carry as many items as possible. No need to worry!

 4.  AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag

Best Duffle Bag

If you have large luggage, AmazonBasics is the best duffel bag that you can get. The bags feature a rectangular shape with a large space. One interesting thing about the bag is its ability to be collapsible. It has a top handle that enables you to lift and carry it easily. For you to access its interior easily, the bag has durable zippers designed in a way that you can unzip along three sides.

The AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag features various colors and sleek. You will love its stylish appearance, which is different from other travel bags once you purchase this sports duffle bags.


This is an outstanding travel bag! 100 percent of the material used in its design is nylon. These sports duffel bags weigh about fifty (50) pounds. The design makes it durable and gives you an all-time solution when you want to travel around with huge loads.


If you need large duffle bags, this will suit you. It has a space capacity of up to 6000 cubic inches. With its large space, you can enjoy its ability to carry as many items as possible. It takes the shape of a trunk that gives it a maximum efficiency due to its plenty room for storage of items. You cannot compare this bag with the one that has round corners. There are no wasted opportunities for packing items using this duffel bag.


With large duffel bags, you can be sure of using them in many situations. This bag has a folding feature. You can squeeze it to a smaller size that fits your need.

Great for Storage and Travel

Use the large duffel bag whenever you need to travel. You can transport your items anytime you want to travel. With its roomy storage, you can put your seasonal belongings and clothing, alongside your sporting gears. It comes with an interior and exterior pockets that offer convenient space for stashing smaller items like the itineraries.

Pros and Cons of AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag


  • Has a large space
  • Made with a quality material
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to fold it


  • It has a limited usage
Final Verdict 

There are several best duffel bags for travel that you will encounter in the market. However, finding one that suits your needs can be challenging. The Gonex 100 L Foldable travel duffel bag has a great design. It is spacious and is easy to fold it. The bag provides you with numerous pockets where you can place last-minute items like the tickets.

Nevertheless, you need not worry about folding. It has only four steps that are well explained and shown in the user manual. I recommend that you choose the Gonex 100 L Foldable travel duffel bag for a great travelling experience.

 5.  Gonex 100 L Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

Best Duffle Bag

Gonex duffle bag is the best duffel bag if you love outdoor activities, like travelling. It has an opening design that allows you to put it in the staircase or carry it on the shoulder or by hand. I assure you that the outstanding and fashionable design of Gonex duffel bag makes your journey colorful and graceful. It has a 100 litres capacity.

You can either use it as a large sports bag or as a gym duffle bag. It folds easily, has more pockets and is much bigger. To fold it, you place it on a flat surface and leave a slight opening to the zipper. Then fold any excess fabric to the middle making sure all straps are inside. Thirdly, fold it from left to right as the rest of the fabric remain in the middle of the bag. Lastly, use one hand to zip the duffle slowly into the self-containing pouch as you take care not to snag any loose fabric.


The ability of the Gonex 100 L bag to hold many items makes you use it as a dirty laundry compartment at home. You can use it as your gym when you are at home. In case you want to travel, the Gonex duffel bag can serve you the same purpose. This is indeed the travel duffle bags you can consider buying.

Reasonable Design

This Foldable Travel Duffle Bag features adjustable and removable shoulder straps. It comes with a shoe compartment and numerous pockets that give you a great experience when you are travelling.


The Gonex 100 L Foldable travel duffel bag has a compact and lightweight design. The absences of the wheels make it light and easy to carry around. Unlike those that make you feel tired after a long walk, this is a light model for you. It makes your travel experience great.

Foldable and Spacious

You can use your foldable duffle bag in various situations. You can be able to fold it into a smaller size that fits for you. In case you do not have large luggage, you can be allowed by some airliners to carry it as a hanging bag. With its large space, you can enjoy its ability to carry as many items as possible.

Pros and Cons of Gonex Travel Duffel Bag


  • Has a large space
  • Made with a quality material
  • It is easy to fold it
  • It is lightweight


  • Has a limited usage

Final Verdict

There are several best duffel bags for travel that you will encounter in the market. However, finding one that suits your needs can be challenging. The Gonex 100 L Foldable travel duffel bag has a great design. It is spacious and is easy to fold it. The bag provides you with numerous pockets where you can place last-minute items like the tickets.

Nevertheless, you need not worry about folding. It has only four steps that are well explained and shown in the user manual. I recommend that you choose the Gonex 100 L Foldable travel duffel bag for a great travelling experience.

 6.  Vera Bradley Women's Iconic Large Travel Duffel Bags

Best Duffle Bag

While making an order of duffel bags, then no way you can leave this Vera Bradley extra-large duffel behind. It's one of the best duffel bags with high quality and long-lasting construction.  The main reason why the majority of people end up getting the wrong product is because of the lack of the main features of the product they want. 

The bug is perfect for traveling, gym; hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. The bag is equipped with a lot of pockets inside the main compartment to keep your documents safe and secure. This Vera Bradley travel bag is large enough, thus suitable for a long weekend gateway.

The bag is made of a fabric material

This Vera Bradley extra-large duffel is made of high quality and premium fabric material. This makes the bag easy to wash with pure hands, unlike other types of duffel bags. Another amazing feature is that it's lined inside to keep the bag smooth and easy to wipe to keep it clean.

Designed with large handle

The Vera Bradley travel bag has no extendable handles, but it's designed with large duffel making it easy to carry when heavy. The handles are well modeled to keep it balanced when carrying. However, the handles can be used as shoulder straps thus suitable for carrying while traveling.

The duffel bag has different compartment

The main compartment provides adequate room for all your properties. The interior has three elastic mesh pockets of varying size. The pockets are essential for keeping your crucial and personal documents. All the exterior compartments feature a zipper for security issues.

Sturdy and lightweight

This Vera Bradley travel bag, is made of a high-quality and long-lasting fabric material. The lightweight fabric material is straightforward to wash with hands or using a washing machine.  Due to its sturdy material, the bag is suitable for all outdoor occasions like sports gym, hakim, camping, shopping, traveling, etc.

Foldable and more spacious

 The duffel bag can be easily folded into a small compact when not in use for easy carrying. Its spacious characteristics make the bag suitable for both men and women, but it's mostly preferred for women because of some unique features.  It can be used as language bag in case your suitcase fails.

Pros and Cons of Large Travel Duffel Bags 


  • Suitable for most outdoor activities
  • Made of high-quality and sturdy fabric
  • The bag is large in enough to accommodate all your items
  • It can be used as a dirty laundry
  • This duffel bag is durable and lightweight


  • Due to its unique features, the bag is suitable for ladies
  • The bag is designed with long handle without shoulder straps.

Final verdict 

If you are looking forward to getting the best travel duffel bag that is high-quality and sturdy for travel, consider getting this type. The bag is designed with all what you need for a graceful and color appearance. The Vera Bradley travel bag is made with several compartments and pockets. The compartments are designed with quality Zipper that ensures that your properties are well secured.  In addition, the bag has a stylish and elegant design that will give you a premium carrying experience.

 7.  Gonex 60L Packable Travel Duffle Bag 

Best Duffle Bag

When it comes to purchasing the best duffel bag, this Gonex 60L is suitable for most of the activities as it provides all the functions of a suitcase. The bag is designed in a modern way to ensure that it allows for all the services as recommended. This article has fully illustrated all the critical and import features of the bag.  The bag is among the best duffel bags that you can get at a low price.  It can be used in various ways, thus no need to buy an extra suitcase for traveling, camping, gym sport, or any other similar.

Durable and lightweight

Are you looking for the best duffel bag? If yes, this is the right one that suits you. The extensive travel duffel bag is made of a high-quality material that is durable and sturdy. Therefore while purchasing this kind of duffel bag, you are guaranteed of getting the right bag.

A foldable and spacious

The large travel duffel bag can easily be folded into a small compact. The ability to be folded makes it easy to carry when not in use or for storage purpose. The duffel bag is suitable to be used as a language bag in case your suitcase swells. This amazing duffel bag is designed to work effectively with bag packing cubs.

Reasonable design

It's designed in a modern way, therefore suitable for all the outdoor activities. The duffel bag features shoe compartment, internal end pouch, multiple pockets.  The main compartment with a well-functioning zipper for security purpose. This kind of bag is available in a different color; thus, you can choose from a wide range of colors and design.

Adjustable and long shoulders strap 

Large travel duffel bag made with adjustable and removable long shoulders straps. The back sleeve, together with the shoulder straps helps to carry large languages effortlessly and comfortably.  This fantastic bag is made with two handles making it easy to carry when not so heavy.

Premium zippers and suitcase handle strap

This awesome large travel duffel bag is equipped with zippers in every compartment and pockets. The zipper ensures that your relevant documents and items are well-protected.  The dual-way sturdy and spacious zippers ensure quick opening and closing of the bag. The suitcase handle straps make it easy to slide over your wheeled suitcase.

Pros and Cons of Gonex 60L Packable Travel Duffle Bag 


  • Designed with several compartment and pockets
  • Equipped with premium zippers for security issues
  • The bag slide over a wheeled suitcase
  • Made from waterproof honeycomb 210D nylon fabric
  • It can be used in different occasions like sports, gym, traveling, etc


  • Not equipped with a frame to keep the duffel bag upright
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Final verdict

The Gonex large travel duffel bag has a capacity of 60 liters thus large enough to accommodate all your items. This is one of the best duffel bags that you can get in the current market. Also, the bag can be used as a dirty laundry compartment for children and adults. Due to its high quality and premium material, the duffel bag performance the same function as the normal suitcase. The elegant and fashionable design will make your journey more graceful and colorful. Lastly, this large travel duffel bag is made of waterproof, and water repellent honeycombs 20D nylon fabric.

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