Top 10 the Best Receiver for Surround Sound-Buying Guide and Reviews

Have you ever wondered how you can connect you audio, video and internet streaming sources and enjoy every bit from each without any hassle? Then, look no further than having the best receiver for surround sound. The device also uses surround sound decoding and video processing to make your TV and movies look excellent. This receiver for surround sound, therefore, converts your home theatre to an entertainment hub that will leave you yearning for more fun all the time. You are sure of greater happiness, whether from watching your favourite videos, listening to cool music or even watching your favourite TV programs at the comfort of your home any time anyhow.

Read this guide and choose the best receivers of all time:

 1. Surround Sound Audio & Video Component Receiver by Onkyo

Surround Sound Audio & Video Component Receiver by Onkyo

This receiver for surround sound by Onkyo is a perfect choice for you if you want to listen to your audio from different rooms. It has a powered zone with two outputs that enable you to connect them to the stereo speakers. You will enjoy selected audio sources that are available to the best receiver audio, including analogue, Bluetooth audio, and AM/FM in different rooms.

Other essential features include:

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The Bluetooth wireless mechanism enables the receiver for surround Sound to beam whatever that is playing on your mobile device, PC, or laptop to your home theatre. You, therefore, need not worry about transferring the music from these devices to the system. It is also compatible with devices that support the aptX codec audio.

4K HDR video via HDMI

The machine has four HDMI terminals that help to pass the latest video formats to your compatible display including 4K/60 Hz, HLG, BT.2020, HDR10 and other protected content. It also has an output terminal that supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) for amplifying TV broadcasts when you connect this best receiver of all time to the ARC-ready display.

Advanced Music Optimizer

This receiver for surround sound has an advanced music optimizer mechanism that helps to restore the lost data for objectively better Sound. With the use of remote control, you will enable the advanced music optimizer mode on various input sources such as audio via Bluetooth technology and USB inputs.


  • Enhanced immersion with front height or surround back speakers
  • Has AccuEQ that sets speaker parameters such as distance, crossover, and output
  • EQs to present distortion-free audio images
  • A 5V/1A rear-panel terminal that supplies power to selected HDMI media streaming devices
  • Advanced music optimizer that enriches playback quality of compressed audio files


  • HDMI inputs may not play on zone 2


With the best receiver for surround sound, your home theatre needs not to be boring any longer. This device enables you to enjoy quality sound and entertainment from different sources such as your laptops smartphone and PC. You will also connect it to various sources, thus allowing you to listen to your music from different rooms; hence you don't have to move the theatre system with you.

 2. Yamaha R- S202BL Stereo Receiver

Yamaha R- S202BL Stereo Receiver

Yamaha R-S202BL is an excellent stereo receiver for surround sound that has an advanced circuitry design. It reproduces music giving you the experience you would get listening to it live. It also has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream effortlessly from other devices. The machine has an optimization that gives minimal interference and maximum power. Other essential features include:

Power transformer

The power transformer is placed near the amp circuit for the provision of peak power supply. It is also possible to achieve a higher S/N ratio since the signal ground, and the power supply ground connects at one point. You will, therefore, experience the best music sound in your living room and beyond.

40 preset stations and eco mode

This Yamaha device is the best receiver for home theatre as it has many AM/FM preset stations that ensure that you do not run out of options. The eco mode allows you to set the standby mode that automatically helps to drop the power consumption to 0.5w. Hence you will enjoy your music with minimum power consumption.

Bluetooth connectivity

The Yamaha receiver for surround sound has Bluetooth connectivity that allows easy access to streaming music. You will, therefore, connect to your other devices such as laptops and mobile phones and play your music without the need for extra connecting wires. You can also enjoy your music from different rooms hassle-free.


  • Bluetooth connectivity for your favourite streaming music services
  • Preset tuning to 40 AM/FM stations
  • The high-frequency response of 10Hz-100 kHz
  • Has a brushed aluminium finish and a simplistic construction
  • Speaker selector for 2-systems
  • Easy to set up with great functionality


Yamaha R-S202BL is an excellent receiver for surround sound that is a primary system with several features.  It has a CD channel/connection, Bluetooth and three additional audio ports. It is ideal for everyone regardless of age since you can control the volume and play the music the way you want it.

 3. STRDH590 5.2 multi-channel 4k Receiver by Sony

STRDH590 5.2 multi-channel 4k Receiver by Sony

5.2 Multi-channel 4k is also a suitable receiver for surround sound that helps you to upgrade the entertainment system of your home to work with the latest 4k TVs and HDR picture. The device is equipped with HDCP 2.2 signal handling, 4 HDMI inputs, and a variety of other advanced features that provide the ideal combination of superb sonic fidelity high-performance video capability. Other essential functions include:

High Dynamic Range Signal

This Sony receiver for surround sound has HDR (High Dynamic Range) signal pass through. This feature enables you to enjoy the incredible jump in image contrast and brightness. The additional shadow detail and highlights also make the receiver for surround sound further improve picture detail and bring colour to life.

Smart Bluetooth Connectivity

This best receiver for surround sound has a smart Bluetooth connectivity. The feature makes it possible for you to play your favourite tracks from your devices such as smartphones or tablets. It is also possible to turn the device on directly from the paired tool, thus enabling you to operate from anywhere inside the room.

 A bigger, clearer picture

With the best receiver for home theatre, you will be able to see a larger, clearer picture with 4K. The 4k HDR pass-through makes it possible to bring movies to life, making the pictures to appear real. There is also the flexibility of surround sound that makes you enjoy every stage of watching movies.


  • Advanced DCAC that analyzes and regulates the audio for superior sound in any room
  • S force PRO that provides virtual surround sound with only a dual speaker setup
  • Bluetooth connectivity and standby for music streaming and turning on the gadget from your phone


  • Not compatible with some music systems


With this receiver for surround sound, you can never go wrong when it comes to bright, robust highs and potent bass. You will watch your movies with real-life experience and enjoy music streaming from anywhere in your rooms. The surround sound effect is so perfect that you don't need extra receivers.

 4. RX-V385 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver by Yamaha Audio

RX V385 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver Yamaha

5.1-channel AV is a receiver for surround sound that brings the best technologies to your home. It has 4K ultra HD, Dolby vision, Bluetooth, and HDR10, all of which help to improve the quality of your music, videos and movies. The Bluetooth connectivity helps you to play music from your wireless devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

4K Ultra HD HDMI Support

This Yamaha audio is among the best receivers for surround sound systems as it provides total compatibility with the latest HDMI standards. It can deliver transmission of 4K video at 60frames/second pass-through. It is also able to support high dynamic range (HDR) video, including Dolby Vision and hybrid log-gamma that gives incredible contrast, and rich-bright colours. 

Rich Bass Reproduction

This receiver for surround sound has a low-range enhancement technology that helps to deliver richer bass even from small-sized speakers. It is also able to maintain proper localization and sound balance with compact front speakers. You will, therefore, enjoy good quality music regardless of the music system you are using.

Virtual Cinema Front

With the best receiver all time, you will enjoy virtual-5 channel surround sound, even when you cannot install surround. The device offers you total, high-definition entertainment with a remarkably realistic and natural picture quality speakers behind the listening position. You can place all the speakers in front of the room and still receive the best quality pictures.


  • 5.1 channel powerful surround sound
  • Has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity
  • Total compatibility with latest HDMI standards
  • Hybrid log gamma for provision of superior contras, vibrant, bright colours and smooth tone
  • Best technologies such as Dolby vision, Bluetooth, 4K Ultra HD, HDR10


  • May produce echoes


If you love quality entertainment, then you cannot do without this receiver for surround sound. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity enables you to play music from your other devices hence reducing the hassle of looking for connecting wire. It is also compatible with the latest technologies, and you will, therefore, not be left behind. 

A recommendable best receiver for home theatre!


 5. STR-DH790 AV STEREO Receiver by Sony 

STR-DH790 AV STEREO Receiver by Sony;

If you love the experience of the big screen in your home, then this receiver for surround sound is the best option. The device helps to deliver a cinematic upgrade to your home entertainment system with the latest leading-edge home theatre technology. It has 3-dimensional Sound from DTS:X, Dolby Atmos as well as latest 4K ultra HD video.

Powerful 3 DSPs

This Sony receiver for surround sound comes with three powerful digital signals processors that can support the latest sound formats. You will, therefore, receive the highest accuracy in Sound by use of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, thus enjoying your music the way you like it without any hindrances.

Virtual Surround with S-Force Pro

This Sony STR-DH790 is the best receiver for surround sound since it has S-Force front surround that helps to deliver an active surround voice by use of two speakers only. It is ideal even for a small room where it positions sounds from every angle even from above. You will, therefore, get wholly enveloped by rich audio.

Lifelike Sound regardless of the setup

The DTS:X decoding allows this receiver for surround sound to deliver multi-dimensional surround sound that can adapt to the configuration of your speaker in real-time. The feature helps for accurate positioning of the Sound, both around and above you.  It has object-based audio decoding.


  • Powerful amplifier for quality sound
  • Built for sound clarity
  • A reinforced frame for enhanced durability
  • Easy to set up


STR – DH790 AV stereo by Sony is a receiver for surround sound that gives you smarter connectivity which enables you to stream your favorite music. You are also able to turn on the receiver from your phone using the Bluetooth standby. The surround speaker system offers you the big screen experience in your home.


 6. AVR – S640H Audio Video Receiver by Denon

AVR – S640H Audio Video Receiver by Denon

AVR – S640H audio video is another receiver for surround sound that helps you to make maximum use of your new 4K Ultra HD TV. It delivers unique contrast, brightness and colour. The colour sub-sampling impresses even the most discerning viewer. The receiver has five amplifiers that help to drive incredible power and immersive Sound across all rooms. Other features include:

High-performance distinct 5-channel amplifier

This best receiver for surround sound delivers utmost performance and 150 watts per channel, because it has discrete high-current power amplifiers. It has low impedance driver capability that enables it to provide operational stability with a variety of speakers for balanced, Quality Sound. You will, therefore, enjoy your entertainment the way you like it from this device.

Advanced HDMI Video Section

AVR – S640H receiver for surround sound offers the best picture quality for your favourite movies, games and shoes, thus making them enjoyable. The device features five HDMI inputs that include one information on the front channel. The machine supports full 4K ultra HD, high dynamic range (HDR), Dolby vision compatibility and hybrid log-gamma (HLG) that provide extraordinary contrast, brightness and colour.

Built-in Bluetooth and Airplay Capability

AVR-S640H is among the best receivers of all time that has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless streaming connectivity. The tool is also equipped with a superior dual antenna transceiver structure that allows robust streaming even in a populated urban environment. You will, therefore, enjoy your favourite audio content from your smart devices, wirelessly. 


  • Amazon Alexa control and voice commands
  • Equipped with Audyssey room correction for the smooth, optimal, listening experience
  • A front USB port for high-resolution audio
  • Phono (MM) input for connecting to your turntable
  • High-performance separate 5-channel amplifier


  • Requires hard resetslor nam sagittis


For the lovers of music, AVR-S640H is the best receiver for surround sound that allows wireless connectivity with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Airplay. It enables you to stream your favourite music to any room, thus making it possible to listen from anywhere in your home. The device is compatible with full voice control by use of Amazon Alexa, making it easy to operate.

A must-have gadget for those who value the quality!


 7. Portable Dual Channel Surround Sound Stereo Receiver by Pyle

Portable Dual Channel Surround Sound Stereo Receiver by Pyle

The Pyle PCA 4.6 is a receiver for surround sound that is ideal for compact stereo system power. It is a small-sized amplifier that delivers optimum audio performance with universal device compatibility. This best receiver surround sound has a front panel rotary control that allows for fine-tuning of your Sound. Other features include:

Aux Input jack

The device has a 3.5 mm aux input jack that gives you the ability to connect and stream music from your smart devices. With this best receiver for surround sound, you can compare and stream audio from computers, mp3 players, laptops and smartphones. You will, therefore not worry about listening to your music if you have the connecting wire.

Push type speaker terminal

This receiver for surround sound has a push-type speaker terminal that allows you to connect speaker wires straight into the amplifier easily. The speaker has an impedance that ranges from 4-8 ohms for the overall stereo output. The Sound is therefore amplified to the personal quality that makes it enjoyable listening.

EQ controls

The best receiver for the home theatre is an improved, solid bookshelf speaker sound amplifier that has crisp and responsive buttons for switching the power on/off. It also has rotary knob controls for regulating master volume, treble adjustment and bass, thus enabling you to listen to your favourite music within your desired volume levels.


  • Can connect to external audio sources such as CD DVD player, tuner, tape deck, VCR and camcorder
  • Enhanced amplified acoustic sound reproduction
  • Able to be used with multiple speakers
  • Can play both mp3 and Cd differently


  • The humming may be too loud


With the best receiver for surround sound, you no longer need to listen to music that doesn’t satisfy your desire. Pyle 2 x 120 watt home audio is a portable dual-channel receiver that has all the features you need for quality entertainment. You will connect to external audio sources such as a tuner and CD DVD players.

Don't be left behind; experience modern quality enjoyment!

 8. Symphony Wi-Fi home Audio Speaker by Jam

Symphony Wi-Fi home Audio Speaker by Jam

Symphony Wi-Fi speaker by Jam is a receiver for surround sound that uses Wi-Fi technology. It allows you to stream music to any room in your house and regulate it straight from your phone. You can download the free jam app to be able to stream Rhapsody, Spotify, iHeart radio and personal music library.  Other features:

Jam Rhythm

The receiver for surround sound has a jam rhythm that features crystal-clear 2.1 stereo sound that has an in-built subwoofer.  The device is ideal for mid-sized rooms such as kitchens and bedrooms since it reproduces high-quality music sound. It is possible to set left and right channels by pairing it with a second jam rhythm.

Plays in landscape or portrait

You can comfortably change the orientation of the jam rhythm of this best receiver surround Sound and set the right-left channels. The jam rhythm has an in-built preset button that lets you program up to four preferred sessions. It is, therefore, possible for you to place your device at any position of your choice.

Single-touch control

The device has four built-in preset buttons with which you can program your desired stations hence making your jams closer. You will also receive large bass from your speaker since it features a 2.1 stereo sound that has a built-in subwoofer.


  • Built-in Amazon Alexa control
  • Integrated intercom system for broadcasting your voice to other rooms
  • Room to room tunes
  • Easy to set up and works with Airplay
  • Effective and inexpensive


If you love comfort in your home as you listen to music, then this receiver for surround sound is a must-have item. It has various essential features that enable you to experience the wealthiest quality sound. You will also be able to program your favourite stations using the in-built preset buttons.

Why wait when you can enjoy the best entertainment in your home? Buy one and be at the top!

 9. AVR-X1500 Audio and Video Component Receiver by Denon

AVR-X1500 Audio and Video Component Receiver by Denon

AVR-X1500 is another receiver for surround sound that is equipped with the newest home cinema specs. It can deliver exceptional contrast, clarity and colour on your latest 4k ultra HD TV while supporting HDR10, HLG, BT.2020, as well as an extensive colour gamut. It also offers pure colour sub-sampling and Dolby vision. Other features include: 

Ultra-wide 21:9 Video and 3D picture quality

The ultra-wide 21:9 video and 3D picture quality makes this receiver for surround sound to impress even the most discerning viewers. The advanced DSP power processing abilities and 7-amplifiers allow the device to drive high-speed computation, offering a superior response and immersive Sound across all rooms hence giving you the best entertainment ever.

Full voice control capability

This receiver with surround sound offers total voice control compatibility with Alexa. It allows you to enjoy music without getting up to adjust or even reaching for your remote all the time. You can regulate the volume, switch the inputs or change the track hands-free and at the comfort of your seat.

Easy on-screen setup assistant

The on-screen setup assistant guides you clearly through easy instructions to help you connect your TV and specific EQ settings. It also helps you to optimize the surround system hence giving you the best music. The device seamlessly integrates with home automation systems such as control4 SDPP and and their IP regulation capabilities.


  • Seamless integration with home automation systems
  • Remote monitoring for quick, reliable troubleshooting
  • Easy on-screen setup assistant
  • Full voice control compatibility with Alexa
  • Unique clarity, contrast, and colour


  • May sometimes overheat


AVR-X1500 is a receiver for surround sound that has the newest HDMI specs for the best home theatre experience. The device is compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control that enables you to regulate the volume and tracks hands-free. You can adjust it from wherever without the need for remote control.

It is a perfect and the best receiver for surround sound that is worth buying!

10. Pyle 2 x 120 Watt home Audio Power Amplifier

Portable 2 Channel Surround Sound Stereo Receiver by Pyle

Pyle 2 x 120 is a receiver for surround sound that is ideal for powering any stereo system. It comes complete with USB flash readers, SD memory, CD & Mic input, as well as aux. It is, therefore, possible to store your data quickly without losing it. The tool boasts an impressive 2 x 120 watts of power for maximum performance.

Simple to use and durable amp

The Pyle 2 x 120 is a good receiver for surround sound since it has an amplifier that is simple to use and durable with a bass and treble controls. You will regulate the sound quality and receive it at the desired level. It has various other features such as blue LED that help to improve its efficiency.

Pager/mixing mode

This best receiver for the home theatre is an integrated indoor AV receiver that features mixing switch and pager mode. The method enables the signal from the microphone to override the auto talk-over hence can be used for meetings and hosting. You can also switch to the mixing mode and enjoy a fun karaoke session.

USB Flash memory reader mp3

The device features responsive and crisp buttons for switching power. It also has mp3 controls that enable you to go to next or previous track, and you can also play or pause with these buttons. The receiver for surround sound also features rotary knob controls for balance, bass, mic, input, treble and master volume, thus it easy to operate. 


  • Blue LED display for playing audio files from a computer library
  • Has USB 2.0/SD card input that supports flash drivers
  • Easy to control volume, bass, and treble using rotary knob controls
  • Compatible with double-decoder mp3 function
  • Compatible with USB flash memory reader MP3/WMA file


  • May have low-frequency distortion


Nothing fulfils like having a receiver for surround sound that is multi-purpose. With the Pyle 2 x 120, you can switch modes and use for karaoke sessions, switch to pager mode among others. You can also play your music from a computer’s library by connecting it to the amplifier. It helps bring entertainment closer to you all the time.

Take your entertainment a notch higher by choosing any of the receivers for surround sound systems!

Buying Guide for the Best Receiver for Surround Sound

An AV receiver will give you theater-like and immersive surround sound in your living room. You get the best connection hub for video, audio and internet streaming sources when you use an AV receiver. The main feature that makes your home theatre enjoyable is the surround sound. It makes movies and TVs give their best sound. You should check out for the following to pick the best receiver for surround sound.

Electricity needed;

Go for receivers that have built-in multi-channel amplifiers to be able to power full complement of surround sound speakers. Go for the receiver that has the highest wattage allowable to be able to accommodate as many speakers as possible. Be aware of the size of your room and the electricity requirements of your speakers.

Inputs needed;

Check the types of connections at the back panel of your receiver and unsure that the types available will suit all your connectivity needs. HDMI cables will carry both audio and video signals and are the main ports found on receivers for surround sound. If you do not find them, ensure there is an RCA or optical digital connection to service your surround sound components.

Channels that you need;

Even though you currently need two channels, have an receiver that will accommodate future expansion. An receiver must have at least seven channels for a complete surround sound system. It allows you to connect more speakers and improve your sound. Two channels to connect to a pair of stereo speakers outside while the rest cater for surround sound on the inside will give you an amazing music feel.

Streaming features;

A good receiver for surround sound, must be capable of wireless video and music streaming. Choose a receiver that carry built-in support for popular streaming services like Pandora, Spotify and Tidal. If not, go for those with built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and you will be able to play anything from a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi equipped phone, computer or tablet.

Multi room capability;

Go for receivers that work with multi-room music platforms that will enable streaming of music to different wireless speakers set up in different rooms at your home. It will then be wonderful to control the sound in each room with a phone app or using your voice. Choose an receiver that will support wireless surround sound in different rooms.

Control options;

Let the remote controls with home theatre receivers be convenient for you. It should have options for dialing and switching settings. Scene buttons will be ideal for selecting the source of your surround sound. They will make it easy for baby sitters and guests control your surround sound without having to learn how to operate the system.

App control;

The best receiver for  surround sound are ideal when equipped with an app that allows you to use your tablet or phone as a remote. It will be easy to switch sources, stream from online sources and adjust the volume while situated a distance from the receiver. The kind of feature that you should prioritize and prefer while selecting a receiver.

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