Top 4 Best 9.2 Receivers Reviews and Guides

Can you imagine how boring it is to stream on Netflix without the sound effects? What everybody needs is a good home theater channel AV receiver. However, it may take years to figure out what you need to buy. That is the reason we have compiled a list of the best 9.2 receivers in the market.

This guide will highlight the basics of AV receivers and why you should have one. Then, you'll get to analyze the best receivers using the information we have provided. You'll find several 9.2 channel AV receivers that are compatible with your home theater. The bad news is that not all AV receivers can fit well with your home sound system.

What to Look for When Buying the Best 9.2 Receivers?

There are some things you first need to check when buying a 9.2 receiver. These factors will affect your purchase, and if you are not careful, you might make a huge loss. Below are the things to put into consideration.


Do you want the sound system that is giving the entire neighborhood chills? Well, that might be a good reason why you want to purchase a 9.2 Receiver. Some may argue that power output doesn't make any difference when it comes to the volume output. The main point is that if you want it loud, then find an AV receiver that can support such power.


9.2 Receivers vary in features, quality, channels, and also price. If you want a high-end model, then ensure that your pockets are a bit thick. Before you even go to the market, start narrowing your choices based on the price.

The good news is that you can find the best 9.2 receivers for less than $1,000. The price of these models has reduced greatly in 2020. You’ll find great choices out there but be sure to choose one of the models in our guide since they are readily available and affordable in that case.


It is possible to use your 9.2 receivers alongside your home sound system. That might even be the greatest task of a receiver. When choosing an AV channel receiver, you need to ask yourself how many devices you need to connect to the receiver?

If you happen to have more devices you need to connect then go for a receiver that can support major devices. Make sure the receiver has the correct connections for the external devices.


Though some of the best 9.2 receivers may look alike, most of them vary in features and characteristics. So, it is upon you to know what features you need. DO you need 4k or 8k support? What about HDR support? Are you interested in zone playback in various spaces?

Be clear on what you need for your receiver. If you go to the market without knowing your taste, you might end choosing a different version from your preference. Models trick people, but you are better than that. Also, you should not pay for extra specs that you don't need.

Network connections

Do you prefer an Ethernet connection for your internet radio or your network streaming? Or are you interested in a receiver that supports Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity? Network connections can be very important, especially when it comes to external devices. You need to be sure that whatever network connection you need applies to your local services.


Most 9.2 receivers support a wide variety of speakers. So, the biggest question you need to ask is whether the receiver will drive your speakers properly. Remember to choose a receiver with maximum power for your speakers. You might consider buying speakers if you don’t have them.

Best 4 9.2 Receivers Reviews

Considering all the above-highlighted factors, these are the best 9.2 receivers that you can find in the market. You'll learn about their features, advantages, and drawback00s, if any.

 1. Denon AVR-X3600H UHD AV Receiver 

Denon AVR-X3600H UHD AV Receiver

Denon is a powerful AV receiver that tops the list of our best 9.2 receivers. It has some advanced qualities, such as 105 watts per channel. Also, it is compatible with all the Alexa devices, and if you have one in your home, don't look for another receiver. You can adjust the receiver's settings using the Alexa or even turn the receiver on or off with the Alexa.

Important Features

High Performance

You'll get high performance from 105W high-quality amplifiers, which deliver more than the expected sound output. Denon is the best 9.2 receiver currently in the market because its competitor cannot match the 8ohms, 20Hz-20KHz, THD .08%, and 2-ch driven power from the 105 amplifiers. If you want a receiver with much power and more sound, look for nothing less than this model.

Advanced Technology

Denon uses an advanced technology new to DTS's market for increased fun when watching videos with your home theater imaging. This technology allows you to watch clearer and brighter images while giving you a chance to enjoy the sweet sound effects from your home theater. As many calls it, IMAX technology is the emerging tech in the AV receiver industry, and Denon gives you a chance to feel what it's like to move to the future.

Ease of Use

It allows you to learn how to operate the entire system using the Denon setup assistance. Imagine purchasing a unique model like this and then failing to understand its complexity? However, Denon comes with an AVR-X3600 start-up guide that ensures you learn something new whenever you open the system. Once you connect it to the tv, the setup manual will appear, giving you extra confidence to operate the receiver.

HDMI Inputs

You will get several HDMI inputs for easy connection plus a full HDCP 2.3 support and other 2 HDMI outputs with eARC support. HDMI inputs are the earliest versions of displaying quality images. All the inputs support 4k Ultra HD 60Hz video, and the HDCP allows you to stream copy-protected contents. Denon makes streaming videos less complicated and more effortless with these inputs and outputs, allowing easy connectivity.


  • The model supports the latest versions of connections, which increases the quality of images.
  • Denon uses an award-winning learning assistant, which helps you to learn as you progress.
  • It works well with Alexa and is also compatible with other devices.
  • You’ll stream your favorite music albums using the HEOS audio technology.
  • It is a high performing 9.2 receiver, having met all the criteria.


  • The amp may contain several glitches in the firmware.

Why You Should Buy Denon AVR-X4700H

You should feel safe placing your money in Denon AVR-X4700H. It is the best 9.2 receiver by far in terms of technology, quality, and features. Also, the model is affordable and more recent. The award-winning Denon assistant and the powerful current amplifiers are the strongest points of the model.

 2. Denon AVR-X4500H Receiver 

Denon AVR-X4500H Receiver

If you are looking to buy a more affordable model with splendid features, look for no other 9.2 receivers. The model comes with an amplifier that makes you room for a small concert. Besides, it is compatible with the remote applications available in most recent devices. This AV receiver is unique in several ways, but the common talk will be its soothing and sappy sound system from the AudysseyMultEQ XT32.

Important Features

High Performing Current Amplifiers

You'll be transforming your room into a concert with the discrete high performing current amplifiers that deliver 125 watts per channel. The amplifier features the latest home cinema qualities with three-dimensional sound formats, which will increase the taste of even the most boring movies. Also, the amplifier system includes low impedance drivers, which gifts you operational stability for a variety of speakers.

HDMI inputs

The eight HDMI inputs will give you the freedom to use various devices at once without the fear of sacrificing the quality of images. The HDMI video converter replaces the old VGA input, which was less reliable than 9.2 speakers. Apart from the HDMI inputs, the model includes three other HDMI outputs and HDCP 2.2 support for streaming copy-protected content. In short, you have the full pack to initiate the ceremony.

Built-In Network Connections

Denon AVR-X4500H comes with built-in network connections such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Airplay 2, making you streaming easy and fun. This network compatibility is the one you might have been searching for years, and once you buy the receiver, you'll get all these for free. The reason you are buying a 9.2 receiver is to have full control of your home theater when streaming, and this model provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for that purpose.

IMAX Enhanced Technology

It uses IMAX enhanced technology for your home entertainment, making it one of the best 9.2 receivers to have such technology. IMAX is a new technology that the Denon receiver uses to increase the quality of images, sound, and the scale ratio. That means even the darkest videos on Netflix will seem all bright thanks to this 9.2 receiver. This technology combines with the DTS to offer you a heart-pounding sound experience you will never forget to tell.


  • The receiver transforms your room into a cinema thanks to the power amplifiers.
  • It comes with new technology (IMAX), convenient when watching or listening to music.
  • You can connect multiple devices.
  • Denon AVR-X4500H supports Alexa devices
  • It can support a 7.2.4 configuration with an extra 2-ch amplifier.


  • Sometimes the high rate videos will have glitches.

Why You Should Buy Denon AVR-X4500H

This model is a great choice for everybody who loves good music or otherwise loud sound impact. It converts your room into a cinema, and you have to prepare for that. If there is something that makes Denon models stand out as the best, 9.2 receivers are their amazing technology to deliver perfect images and sound effects.

 3. Marantz 4K UHD AV Receiver 

Marantz 4K UHD AV Receiver

All the 9.2 receivers in the list can perform surround sound well. But doing it is something debatable. If you require a 9.2 receiver to do surround sound perfectly, look for no other model than Marantz SR6014. It comes with a variety of lovable qualities, such as a wide range of codecs. Also, it relaxes the body with its sound quality, which appeals to everybody. It is relatively cheaper than the Denon receivers and can even the former in most fields.

Important features

Powerful 9-Channel Amplifier

The powerful 9-channel amplifier delivers 110W of power per channel, ensuring a balanced sound system with an increased quality taste. This amplifier includes 8 Oh, 20 Hz – 20kHz, % 2-inc drive, which provides additional operation stability when dealing with a wide variety of speakers. A 9-channel amplifier is enough to perform all the magic you need in your room may it be the movies or the music.

HDMI Technology

The latest HDMI technology includes 8 HDMI inputs, with each of the input supporting HDCP 2.3 to ensure you stream copy-protected contents. There is one HDMI input on the front side to aid a quick connection. These inputs will give you a chance to enjoy the 4K ultra HD 60Hz video without blinking or limiting the quality of the images. Also, the HDMI is compatible with the 3D videos taking the gaming experience to another level.

Marantz Sound Technology

Marantz uses the Marantz sound technology to increase the music's taste, giving you an iconic feeling of your favorite albums. This model is among the best 9.2 receivers for a reason. Marantz is the king when it comes to musical sound. The model allows you to enjoy the raw audio quality without changing the voice or the music's beats.

HEOS Built-In Technology

It uses HEOS built-in technology to improve the machine's network connectivity, which gives you a chance to listen to music in any part of your house. HEOS means the use of a wireless connection to deliver high-quality output. That means you can select any song of your album for any of the connected rooms.


  • The receiver produces a magical sound that will refresh your nerves.
  • It comes with a built-in IMAX technology for improved images and sound.
  • Marantz uses the recent technology of HDMI input, which is more reliable.
  • You’ll not buy extra batteries.
  • It is more affordable.


  • It performs well in larger rooms than in smaller spaces.

Why You should Buy Marantz SR6014

You'll certainly purchase Marantz SR6014 because of its sound capabilities.  The model is all pure and natural gives you the raw audio quality just as you want it to be. Also, it is more affordable and gives you almost the same capabilities and features as Denon 9.2 receivers.

 4. Marantz SR7012 AV Surround Receiver 

Marantz SR7012 AV Surround Receiver

Marantz SR7012 is one of the best 9.2 receivers adopting the new trend of slimline appearance. It is an attractive receiver and comes with perfect features such as the new power amplifier with 2 watts per channel. The model wows on quality, and you cannot compare it with the earlier versions. Also, it has a crucial varying refresh rate and, among other wonderful specs. Marantz receivers are good when it comes to sound, and this is not an exception.

Important Features


It is compatible with the Amazon music HD, which gives you an added advantage of listening to high-resolution streams from all over the world. Marantz meets the new standards of receivers, which means the model is using advanced technology to offer you high-quality warmth of endless raw audios. Just subscribe to any of your favorites albums and give it a try.

Eco Meter

You'll have an opportunity to enjoy the new feature of Eco meter, which allows you to use the receiver even in its power-saving mode. Although the receiver comes with 2 AA batteries, the power consumption is usually high. That is why the model allows you to use the machine on power-saving mode to conserve power usage and increase efficiency.

Auro 3D Audio Features

Marantz SR7012 comes with Auro 3D Audio features, which takes the home theater experience to another level. This feature ensures that you take full advantage of the three-dimensional sound in music, games, and movies. Besides, it will elevate your current audio-visual collection using the new Automatic mixing engine.

HDMI Connectivity

The model comes with the latest HDMI connectivity with eight inputs, with one of the inputs placed in front of the panel for easy and quick adjustment. These inputs support features such as 4K Ultra HD 60Hz video as well as 3D. Each of the inputs supports the Dolby vision pass-through, which blends with HDCP 2.2 to ensure you stream the copy-protected contents.


  • You’ll enjoy the enhanced audio return channel support for 3D audio.
  • It takes the three-dimensional sound to another level.
  • The model offers the recent version of HDMI inputs, which improves images and sound.
  • You can stream the copy-protected content using the HDCP 2.2


  • It might be overpriced.

Why You should Buy Marantz SR7012

The model is one of the best 9.2 receivers because of its outstanding capabilities such as the eco mode, Auro 3D audio, and Object-Based Audio Support. Many say the receiver is the heart of the future because it provides some of the specs that can be modernized to provide better services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Receivers?

These are the object-based soundtracks. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are a new development in the receiver technology. You can place the soundtracks or the sound effects using various speakers placed on the front/back, left/right.

Which is the perfect connection for my speaker?

It is scary to look at the back of an AV receiver due to the sheer number of connections. The advantage of having a receiver with many connections is that you can connect a variety of your home devices.

The type and number of these connections vary from one receiver to another. Most modern receivers use HDMI with some inputs and outputs. HDMI is popular due to its ability to provide high-quality sound and images.

How much power should a 9.2 receiver have?

Almost all the 9.2 receivers will show their power rating of the device, which shows how loud the amplifier will be in the room. That means that the power rating will vary from one receiver to another, so you cannot suggest that this power rating is the best. Most expensive models will have more power per channel.

Which speaker should I use with my receiver?

The best 9.2 receivers will indicate the speaker's type and specifications that should work with the receiver in question. You'll have room to choose the receiver that can handle your speakers. Unless you take things to extremes, all will be okay.

Which brand produces the best 9.2 receivers?

Although Denon receivers are way expensive than the normal AV receivers, they are the best in almost all the fields.  These models come with amazing features that surpass the price. Also, Marantz is good receivers when it comes to the sound system, and they equal the Denon in most fields. However, you are the one to make the final analysis and see which brand fits you and which does not.

What are the Benefits of Using Best 9.2 Receivers?

The 9.2 receivers in this list provide you an opportunity to take your streaming experience to another level. They are simply the quarterback of your home theater. A good 9.2 receiver tells signals where to go, maybe in a variety of speakers or screens. Having a home theater without a 9.2 receiver is like cooking chicken without spices.

Some of the best 9.2 receivers use Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or Auro-3D to enhance audio or a movie's sound effects. These receivers also use IMAX technology to improve the standard of the image for the movies, the sound, and the scale of the content. HDCP is another feature in most 9.2 receivers that ensure you stream even the copy-protected contents.

Overall Verdict

Today, AV receivers' topic represents the most technical and challenging components of the stories we hear. This guide will wipe away all these challenges and equip you with a real understanding of the best 9.2 receivers. You might not need to read anywhere else to make your decision to buy a 9.2 receiver.

The above list entails what you may have been looking for, and it's the right time to make a decision. 9.2 receivers are essential, especially for providing a unique service to your home theater.

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