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Difference Between A Stereo Receiver and an AV Receiver

Different folks fall under a certain category of audio system shoppers. The first group is that which does not put too much consideration the specific details, specifics and details attached to a given audio system. The second category of shoppers flocking the market is that which who before visiting a home theater shop will take […]

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How to Build a Subwoofer Box

I would like to start by saying I know there are store-made subwoofer boxes, but this article will show you how you can build your subwoofer box. Doing it yourself means you can design it however you want, and you can get the look and the size you wish to, not mentioning of course, that […]

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How to Install Subwoofer in Car?

The music coming out of your car’s sound system may be weak and unimpressive without a subwoofer. Adding a subwoofer in your vehicle can make it more attractive and fun. It combines the bass to your music and makes your life in the car more impressive and comfortable, especially if you are a fan of […]

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Why is Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer Good for Car and Truck?

Rockford Fosgate has been known for making car audio for 35 years. Its reputation has not been tampered with to this day. They have made themselves a trusted brand with a sterling reputation in the car industry. This is because of its durable and high-quality products. These products can be used in all and different […]

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Car Audio Subwoofers Benefits and Buying Tips

Are you planning on creating the best car audio subwoofers system? If you are, then you need to know the best car audio subwoofers benefits and buying tips. A standard car stereo speaker is too small to deliver loud sound and won’t be able to create low-end frequencies which make music sound so real. With […]

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