Best Car Audio Subwoofers Benefits and Buying Tips in 2024

Are you planning on creating the best car audio subwoofers system? If you are, then you need to know the best car audio subwoofers benefits and buying tips. A standard car stereo speaker is too small to deliver loud sound and won’t be able to create low-end frequencies which make music sound so real. With the best car subwoofer for the money, it will make all the difference you need.

There are plenty of car audio subwoofers kickers available on the market today. It can be quite challenging to select a quality sub for your car. Poor quality subwoofers tend to ruin the music. To get the best listening experience, you need to choose the best of the best. The only way to do that is to keep a few factors in mind before you make a purchase. Luckily in this article, you will get just that including the benefits that come with installing a car audio subwoofer.

Benefits of Installing a Subwoofer in Your Car

Produce the best bass

Installing the best subwoofer in cars lets you enjoy clean, deep and loud bass. Like we mentioned standard car stereo speakers couldn’t produce low-end frequencies which can make music enjoyable and real. Furthermore, subwoofers produce the best loud music.

Reduce disturbance

Installing kicker subs will reduce the interference of sound waves. Ever sat in a car and you keep shifting because of the unbalanced sound from their car stereo? Well with subwoofers you can get to equalize sound and generate smooth frequencies all over the car. This will improve the listening experience in whichever position you are seated in the vehicle.

Improve clarity and sharp sound

The best car subwoofer for deep bass will improve clarity, and you’ll also get bright sound from it. Once you install multiple small subwoofers, for example, 8-inch sub, you’ll get more precise sound. This is because these car audio subwoofers can displace more significant amounts of air.

Improve stereo effect

With multiple small car audio subwoofers, you can get to utilize a two-channel sound system. The subwoofers can preserve bass that comes from the sound system, and a soundstage can also be expanded. The small subs will deliver a significant stereo effect in your car.

Essential car audio subwoofer buying tips

Don’t just go for any subwoofer you need to know first what makes the subwoofer suitable. Below you will find the critical buying tips you should look out for when buying a car audio subwoofer.


More power equals deeper, cleaner and louder bass and vice versa. This will depend on your preference. If you only want to improve your car stereo with just a little bass, then you can opt for one that has lower power. You don’t have to spend more on something that will frustrate you. Likewise, if you are looking for the loudest deepest bass then go for a subwoofer that has got more power.


Keep the size of the subwoofer in mind because it can affect the space in your car. Although the enormous subwoofers produce the best bass, they may not fit in your small car. Subwoofers come in different sizes which are 8, 10, 12 and 15 inches. It is advisable to know the available space you have in your car first before you purchase one. This will help you buy the right subwoofer size. Remember a small car won’t fit a bigger sub or its accessories.


There are several car audio subwoofers available on the market. For example, that JL Audio 10TW3 D4, MTX subwoofer, infinity subwoofers, among others. All these come with different installation guidelines and specifications. Some models can be easily installed while others are a little complicated. Go for the best shallow mount subwoofer that won’t disturb during installation.


Before you think of buying any model, you must know your budget. Some models come at higher prices than others. Choose a good quality model that will not blow a hole in your savings to get it. There are affordable subwoofers that will fit your tastes and standards.

Type of enclosure

The type of subwoofer enclosure makes a significant impact on the sound quality it produces. There are mainly three types of subwoofer enclosures; these are the bandpass, sealed and ported enclosures. The bandpass and ported enclosure provide loud music, although the accuracy is poor. The sealed enclosure produces great loud sound and bass even with small subwoofers.

Voice calls

There are two types of voice calls which are single and dual voice coil subs. The choice will depend on what you want. Single voice coil subs are easy to set up and are affordable compared to the dual voice coil subs. Dual voice coil subs also offer the best bass quality and sound in general.

Compatibility with the vehicle

It is crucial to choose a subwoofer which will be compatible with your vehicle. Two things can enable you to know whether the subwoofer of your choice is compatible with your car. The first is power handling. Although we mentioned it before, let’s see how it can help you determine whether the subwoofer is compatible with your car. Check the RMS of the subwoofer to learn the amount of power it will need to power up. In this way, you will know if your vehicle can provide the required amount of power.

The other thing is the sensitivity of the speaker. Sensitivity is the amount of power that your subwoofer will require to produce a certain level of volume. You need to learn the amount of energy that your AMP puts out.

Design and Style

A lot of people love products that come with elegant designs and styles. If you are one that loves attractive products, then we suggest you look for a subwoofer that fits that description. However, when choosing the best design do not compromise on the quality of the sub for the stunning look. There are various brands with different designs select one that is affordable, high-quality, and elegant as well.

Overall Summary

There are various car audio subwoofers manufacturers. However, there are a few companies that stand out and are loved and recommended by most customers. These include MTX Audio Company, JL Audio, infinity and Rockford Fosgate Company. Although these companies are popular, there are more which also manufacture these devices. All these create subwoofers hence the various options on the market.

In Order to get the best subwoofer for car you will need the following.

  • You will need a dynamat kit that will eliminate rattles from the subwoofer and minimize road noise.
  • A polyester fiber box stuffing that will slow down sound waves in the sub box.
  • You will need to have the best enclosure build. This is because an enclosure will affect the quality of sound the subwoofer will produce.
  • You will also need a robust and accurate amplifier. The amplifier will power your sub and also enable it to produce a loud, clean sound.

Many of the car audio subwoofers are easy to set up, and all you have to do is to follow the instructions provided. Installations will require you to have a few tools, for example, clamps, screws, screwdriver, among others. The tools you will use will also depend on the type of sub you buy. Setting up a subwoofer in your car doesn’t need you to have much experience. However, if you are a beginner, you can follow the steps below to have your sub installed.

Step 1. Get the right equipment and parts needed. For example, amplifier, your subwoofer speaker of choice, box, wiring kit, speaker wire and the necessary tools.

Step 2. Get the amplifier installed by routing the amplifier wires (positive and negative) safely. Once you are done, set up a fuse near the battery.

Step 3. Ground your amplifier to your car’s body using the bone metal connection. Make sure to connect the remote lead to the remote wire on the stereo.

Step 4. Install your subwoofer into the box using screws. Make sure to attach a grill so that it can protect the cone.

Step 5. Place the subwoofer into the vehicle and connect it to the amplifier. Remember to wire the amp in bridged mode to get more power.

Step 6. You can now connect to a signal source.

Step 7. Adjust gain and crossover. Set a low pass crossover until you hear the bass. After, amp gain until the bass level is perfect for you.

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With plenty of subwoofers available on the market today, learning the basics is essential. To get the best sound in your car, selecting an excellent quality sub is very important. Getting the best requires you to learn the different features and basic working principles of car audio subwoofers.

Several benefits come with the best car audio subwoofers. Whether it’s listening to jazz, hip-hop, R&B, classic, or any other type of music, you will get to have the best listening experience. With our buying guide, we guarantee you will make the best choice that will leave you satisfied.

We suggest you follow it carefully as well as the informative information. We hope this guide is helpful and has enabled you to understand the basics of car audio subwoofer benefits and buying tips.

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