Top 20 Best Subwoofers Under 200 Reviews and Guide

Do you wish for a top best subwoofers under 200 to have the ultimate audio experience? If you're searching for amazing reasonably priced and stylish subwoofers that can improve the audio experience at home or in the office, there is a list of the best subwoofers under 200. When you will search for the best cheap subwoofers, you will get that there are lots of on the market.

But there are some problems in the fact that many of these speakers are really admirable of the price so that you would pay for them. With a little approaching into the best speakers on hand to you, you can find the suitable one which you best without trouble.

Because of Subwoofer’s capacity to make audio quality without comparison, they have become gradually more popular at home and abroad. They repeat the low frequencies with the most clearness and have one or more woofers in an enclosure.

A subwoofer can be active or passive. An active subwoofer has an integrated amplifier, as its reflexive matching part uses a subwoofer driver and a case with an outer amplifier. The good news is that, no matter what type of subwoofer you prefer, you can often get a good subwoofer for a decent price with remarkable features. 

However, you must at all times keep in mind certain things when you decide to spend for purchasing the best subwoofers under 200. First of all, make sure that the subwoofer you plan to buy comes from a reputable manufacturer. Second, be sure to follow the installation instructions properly. Indeed, a poorly designed subwoofer tends to degrade the musical performance of a playback system over a period of time. Here we bring you a list of best subwoofers under 200 price tag that you might consider validating.

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Table of Contents

 1. Best Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio PSW10

Polk audio PSW10 is the perfect and best choice-able subwoofer for its big bass rendering. For distortion-free frequencies the “Polk Audio PSW10” subwoofer has unique 10-inch features a fully MDF non-resonant housing construction design. The black subwoofer makes the bass big with the features of a 10-inch dynamic composite driver con made of polymer composite and a high intensity amplifier. The amplifier produces double power with its 100W dynamic power and 50W continuous rated power. With the laser-based Klippel measurement technology the unit produces improved linearity and accurate deep sound.

The Polk Audio PSW10  has extra stability for the unique design, which ensures efficient use of power even at high levels of volume. It has two speaker inputs and outputs and a port coupled to a floor down. The intelligent sensing circuit gives extra safety and prevents damage with automatically off and on program while the compression circuit minimizes distortion to the maximum. Up to 85 db volumes optimize the subwoofer’s performance and ensure continuous using over a long period of time.

Who should buy this?
  1. The Polk subwoofer is the best subwoofers under 200 for those who loved to listen high volume and want to enhance their movie viewing experience with high audio quality.
  2. This is very easy to connect with any device. So this is idle for those persons who want to connect it with any devices at anywhere and loved high quality speaker inputs audio.

 2. Best Kenwood KSC-SW11 Subwoofer Reviews

Kenwood KSC-SW11

Kenwood KSC-SW11

The Kenwood subwoofer is a low-profile amplified car best subwoofers under 200 which comes in a sturdy aluminum case.

To control the variable volume and low-pass filter levels, as well as the ground wire and power harness, this type of compact black unit has a wired remote control. The kenwood subwoofer also includes an integrated amplifier with a 75W RMS rating and a maximum power of 150W, eliminating the need for an exterior amplifier.

This subwoofer comes with a rectangular design and has a sport an elegant look. Anyone can connect it to their battery by connecting the subwoofer and grounding it.

Who should buy this?
  1. Those who want to get and use a powerful unit of subwoofer in tight space, Kenstar Subwoofer in the perfect for those.
  2. Who want to get problem free installing subwoofer, this is perfect for those. Anyone can install it easily without any problem.

 3. Best Planet Audio AC12D Subwoofer

Planet Audio AC12D

Planet Audio AC12D

In a planet Audio AC12D subwoofer features a 2 inch aluminum double voice coil, a foam surround, a customizable trim ring and a polypropylene cone. Also it has 88 dB (watt 1) sensitivity, 34 ohm impedance, 4 W nominal power, 1 Hz resonance frequency as well as 32 Hz port frequency with a pole vent and operates in a sealed or sealed MDF 1,800 / 3 cases. With unit of black colored device has a size of 13 x 13 x 6 ", a mounting height of 5.38", a mounting hole diameter of 11 "and a round port circumference of 3".

If anyone want to get the heavy duty and durable unit, The Planet Audio subwoofer is the best choice for those, thanks to the polypropylene material used for the corrosion resistance of the cone and aluminum and its low density.

Who should buy this?
  1. The is the perfect one for those, who want to enjoy a powerful sound. The power rating of 1800W ensures a powerful sound.

 4. Best PSW-8 Acoustic Audio Subwoofer

PSW-8-acoustic-audio best subwoofers under $200


The Acoustic Audio 8-inch 300 watt unit is a long series home theater power subwoofer with a frequency response of 26 to 250 Hz, 30W, 97 dB efficiency and 8 ohms impedance. The unit comes with an advanced RFL bass reflex design in a high density MDF case with a black ash finish and features. The subwoofer has a adjustable gain control system and a high rigidity PVA treated cone. Also there are low-level inputs and outputs speaker, variable frequency control, a phase control switch and an auto-signal-detection function.

To deliver bass and bass sounds the built in amplifier offers high efficiency while the long-excursion cone provides a precise, deep response. The combination of, the case construction style, the PSW-8 Acoustic Audio Subwoofer speaker geometry and the judicious choice of driver materials make sure cleaner, lighter sounds always. The internally-shielded enclosure damped, cuts internal stationary waves and other related resonances that affect performance properly. Though there are no resonance and durable materials but the driver consists of a dynamic balance.

Who should buy this?
  1. This will be the best choice able subwoofer for those people who want to connect to their home theater or surround systems to amplify the sound produced.
  2. If anyone wants to save floor space, the unit will be great choice because those who want to save floor space by installing their subwoofer on the ceiling or wall.

 5. Best Pioneer TS-WX1210A Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-WX1210A Best Subwoofers Under $200

Pioneer TS-WX1210A

The Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12-inch subwoofer has a sealed case with a carpet finish. The Pioneer 12-inch "unit features a Class D amplifier, a remote button, a urethane contour and a cellulose fiber cone. Also the black color accessory is available in a size 26 x 18 x 12 inches.

The Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12-inch subwoofer has a peak power of 1300W; a nominal power RMS of 350W; 114 dB sensitivity and a frequency response range of 20 to 125 Hz. The amplifier is class D amplifier and it has bass amplification from 0 to 12 dB and crossovers.

Who should buy this?
  1. This will be the perfect subwoofer for those people who want their subwoofer to have a distinct look due to its rug finish.
  2. If you want your system will produce loud sounds, the device will be a great idea without any hesitation.

 6. Best OSD Audio IWS88 Subwoofer Review

OSD-Audio-IWS88 Best Subwoofers Under $200


To produce and insure good quality bass the OSD Audio IWS88 subwoofer is equipped with two 8-inch injected polypropylene woofers, large magnets and a reinforced bridge plate. With this type of passive amplifier also includes a paintable grid, a cutout template that also serves as a paint cover, and a dog ear support system for mounting the subwoofer properly. The OSD Audio IWS88 black color unit has a nominal power of 350 W, a frequency response of 38 to 500 Hz, 90 dB Sensitivity and 8 ohms impedance. To power this subwoofer unit you must connect with a subwoofer amplifier.

This type of subwoofer has a size of 11-7 / 16 x 18-7 / 8 x inches and a mounting depth of 4-3 / 9 inches.

Who should buy this?
  1. The subwoofer is a wall mounted subwoofer. So if you have limited floor space, this is the perfect subwoofer for you.
  2. This will be anyone’s worth considering subwoofer if you are determined to feel more bass with your home theater surround system or when you listen to your favorite music.

 7. Best Bazooka BTA850FH Subwoofer Review

Bazooka BTA850FH Best Subwoofers Under $200

Bazooka BTA850FH

The Bazooka BTA850FH subwoofer includes an 8-inch powered tube with a nominal power of 50 W. For giving a distinct appearance the tube has a matte finish. There is no necessity to drill holes to install the Bazooka unit. According to your necessity you can use a remote bass control module with this unit. Basically this type of best subwoofers under 200 comes with a universal extension cable BTAH and FAST-9999. It has a popular size of 20 x 6 x 19 inches.

Who should buy this?
  1. This is perfect for the rock and pop fans for its loud sound.
  2. The unit is worthy of consideration for people who feel the rich bass of their home theater is of utmost importance.

 8. Best Kicker subwoofer Review



Kicker Comps-40CWS84 Best Subwoofers Under $200


The Kicker car subwoofer designed with a lightweight insertion molded polypropylene cone with a rugged and ribbed polyurethane sound. The rugged motor is prepared with a large-diameter tear-proof spider vent with high-strength spiral pins. The 8 "diameter unit also includes a high temperature coil wire winding adjacent to a ventilated pole and 1/4 lugs of large capability. It also has a maximum power 400W and 200W RMS. T-slots with four vents maintain the woofer cool and long-lasting.

Who should buy this?
  1. The best subwoofers under 200 is highly suggested for those who do not desire their item to produce any form of deformation.
  2. This device is ideal for those who fascinated in using the subwoofer in outdoor applications and sealed or ventilated enclosures.
  3. The ability of four-fan T-slots to maintain the unit long-lasting and cool reminds you of the subwoofer if you are worried that it will heat up during extended use.

 9. BIC America F12 Subwoofer Review



BIC America F12 Best Subwoofers Under $200

BIC America F12

This front-fed unit of BIC America F12 is prepared with a 12-inch long throw insertion molded woofer and an amplifier designed with BASH. There are also Dolby Digital / DTS and Dolby Pro Logic inputs in BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer.

The subwoofer has advanced RCA inputs, gold-plated terminals, attractive shielding and an original ‘Venturi ‘vent that keeps you away from noisy sound. It maintains automatic signal detection, adaptable volume control and modifiable cover capabilities.

There are an energetic peak power of 475W, an impedance of 8 ohms and a frequency response of 25 to 200 Hz in this subwoofer. The black subwoofer has an almost square shape and a size of 21 x 19 x 12 inches.

Who should buy this?
  1. The BIC America system is a grand suggestion for those who want to entirely get rid of the noise when watching their favorite movie or listen to music.
  2. Subwoofer are important accessories if you like better a rich, clear and powerful sound reproduction.

 10. Best Onkyo SKW204 Review



Onkyo-SKW204 Best Subwoofers Under $200


There a 10-inch cone, an auto-standby circuit and a phase-reversing circuit and crossover control in the Onkyo powered bass reflex subwoofer. It has a switch which lets you to modify the bass output of the unit to match a range of speakers, allowing for practical bass rendering. The auto-on / off circuit puts the Onkyo device into sleep mode if it cannot capture low-level sounds for a long time.

There are two colors ;black and silver rectangular device  which has a highest power of 230W, a frequency response of 25 to 200 Hz and a sensitivity of 140 mV / 20 k Ohms. It designed in a size of 10-3 / 16 x 18-5 / 8 x 16-7 / inches 8.

Who should buy this?
  1. The Onkyo subwoofer is best subwoofers under 200 for people who are lsearching for a unit they can use with their 7.1 or 5.1 surround system.

 11. Best Sony SACS9 Review



Sony SACS9 Best Subwoofers Under $200

Sony SACS9

Sony's active amplified subwoofers are not only comes with a resistant cellular mica foam woofer but also designed in line level and speaker inputs, a cone diaphragm and an RCA cord. The cone diaphragm produces a low quality to develop the bass experience. The unit is packaged in a wood veneer box that retains its figure and has a black end that matches the majority interiors.

There are a so-called power of 115 W, a frequency response of 28 to 200 Hz plus an impedance of 6 Ohms in Sony SACS9. The device comes with a size of 11-5 / 8 x 13-5 / 8 x 15-3 / 4 inches.

Who should buy this?
  1. The Sony system is a grand selection for party lovers who wish for having more fun with bass-heavy music.
  2. If you are looking for a subwoofer the device is perfect that can get rid of vibrations in your cabinet.

 12.  Best JBL GT-Bass Pro12 Subwoofer Review 


JB GT Bass Pro12 Best Subwoofers Under $200

JB GT Bass Pro12

JBL GT-Bass Pro12 has been bringing first class listening experiences anywhere great sound matters from more than 60 years ago. The JBL powered subwoofer has a port that mutes port noise and reduces distortion-free bass to high output levels. The 12-inch polypropylene cone is enclosed in a die-cast aluminum container featuring a 150W power amplifier, line-level inputs and speakers and oversized speaker shelter bars and dual mass magnets.

JBL 12 inch subwoofer has an indicator detection facilitate function that automatically turns the unit on and off at what time it receives signals from the most important unit. To alter the phase, low frequencies and low frequency input levels, the system also consists of a separate control. The black unit features engine-structured airing so as to make available thermal security and a succession spider for the highest mechanical dependability. It contains a size of 22-7 / 16 x 14-1 / 2 x inches.

Who should buy this?
  1. This subwoofer has the flexible connections which build it perfect for people who would like to bond the device in dissimilar cars at special times.
  2. The subwoofer has a remote control which makes this unit a high-quality choice for those who wish for creating bass adjustments without having to discontinue driving the car.

13.  Best Theater Solutions Sub8sm Subwoofer Review 


Best Subwoofers Under $200 SUB8SM Theater Solutions

SUB8SM Theater Solutions

This Theater Solutions by Goldwood powered floor subwoofer has a low frequency, high-output 8-inch low-frequency transducer, a high-performance digital amplifier, cross-frequency and volume crossovers, high-level and RCA L inputs, and spring-loaded terminals Release.

There are also changeable gain and frequency control knobs, a low-level bass port, a 180 or 0 degree phase switch, an included auto-stop mechanism, a Y-adapter, an AC cord 115 and two 9-inch RCA cables in SUB8SM theater solutions.

The automatic shutdown machine switches the component to supply mode and saves power if it receives no signal for two minutes. The port allows air to flow smoothly into the cabinet, reducing port noise and turbulence.

The system has a 24 dB per octave intersect and 8 ohm impedance. It has a high thickness MDF case with a highly developed RFL bass reflex design. The subwoofer has a size of 4.75 x 24.625 x 15.75 inches and has a mahogany finish that gives it a well-designed look.

Who should buy this?
  1. The Y adapter makes the Theater Solutions system a great choice for those who feel like to build up the subwoofer on the wall or ceiling.
  2. The slim structure deserves to be taken into account by people who would like to stay the device under their furniture.
  3. This subwoofer is designed for music and movie lovers who wish for additional sound with their home theater familiarity.

 14.  Best Yamaha NS-SW050BL Subwoofer


Yamaha-NS-SW050BL Best Subwoofers Under $200


The Yamaha subwoofer features a high-class 8-inch cone-shaped woofer and a twisted flared port with the purpose of offering narrow, clear bass. It also incorporates Yamaha's advanced Servo Technology II technology, separate amplification circuits, and high-performance bass technologies for a rich, punchy bass response.

The twisted flared design allows air to move effortlessly around the port, reducing noise and reproducing a precise, low, and clear frequency. The black unit has a size of 11-1 / 2 x 11-1 / 2 x 13-3 / 8 inches.

Who should buy this?
  1. The device is perfect for those who wish for a stylish subwoofer for their room because of its textured finish.
  2. A subwoofer is surely an excellent option for those who wish for to hear clear, practical and tight bass, in spite of the type of sound.

Other Models worth Buying

 15.  Polk Audio PSW505 Review


Polk Audio PSW505 Best Subwoofers Under $200

Polk Audio PSW505

Everything from its actual wood finish to the remarkable MDF structure makes much better the audio quality by dropping deformation and making it more perfect along with specific. The polk audio subwoofer  is entirely designed for a good sound with 12 inches.

The slot loading vent gives the bass produced by this subwoofer a rich sound. You can easily blend it with any major speaker so you can take pleasure in an excellent audio experience. At time of watching movies or playing games, you need a practical experience; the PSW505 can do just for you at a reasonably priced.

 16.  Monoprice 109723 Review



Monoprice 109723 Best Subwoofers Under $200

Monoprice 109723

Monoprice 109723 1150-wattpowered subwoofer is the best subwoofer if you would like to enjoy movies and games with incredible sound. The power of this subwoofer is offered by the frontage speakers will not be condensed at the time of connecting it to the speaker system.

 It contains the alternative to go to standby mode if it receives no signal for minutes 2. Monoprice subwoofer review offers you to maintain the subwoofer turned on as long as you like if you do not want it to go into snooze mode.

 17.  BIC America v1020 Review


BIC America v1020 Best Subwoofers Under $200

BIC America v1020

There is the shining performance in BIC America v1020. It is a gorgeous subwoofer and its sounds just as great. The polished ash gray finish with beveled edges gives it a rich look and this best budget subwoofer powerful form will make you feel so as to it will definitely last long adequate.

So with a design and durability that is not a problem, the only other thing left is the audio quality which is very good too. The Precise bass reproduction, which means you, should not be anxious about the unnecessary boom that can take away the proper nature of the audio.

 18.  Kanto SUB6MG Review


Kanto SUB6MG Best Subwoofers Under $200

Kanto SUB6MG

This 5 inch Kanto subwoofer is small but powerful. It presents an excellence design plus an admirable audio experience. You may not be able to use it in larger rooms because of its size and this subwoofer may not appropriate for booming bass sounds. This Kanto SUM6MG is great if you like exact sound reproduction and if you use it in a small size room or use it on a computer.

There are also some advantages ,it has an adaptable low pass filter, a full L / R line level input and a sleep mode. It is small, which means it can be placed easily without taking up too much space and the quality of the music is decent, making it one of the best reasonably priced subwoofers you can pay money for.

 19.  Pioneer SW-8MK2 Review


Pioneer SW-8MK2 Best Subwoofers Under $200

Pioneer SW-8MK2

Pioneer powered subwoofer makes excellence bass which reasonably priced with the SW-8MK2 subwoofer. It has powerful, excellent audio quality along with uses a simple design. You can get here the option of a flexible installation with high and low stage inputs.

 It has 100 watt amplifier that guarantees you a rich bass with this subwoofer 8. It helps to add quality to the bass and give the sounds a more practical feel because of its ventilated case. If you hope to take pleasure in good quality sound, it's worth the price you pay for it.

 20.  JBL Sub 100 Review


JBL Sub-100 Best Subwoofers Under $200

JBL Sub-100

This 10-inch JBL sub 100 powered subwoofer is an attractive addition to your audio system. JBL sub 100 is high quality audio devices, the subwoofer exist by its popularity. It is designed to decrease distortion and reproduce unbelievable bass.

Through progressing your audio system and increasing audio quality, it integrates effortlessly into your audio system. JBL subwoofer 10 inch has sufficient power output designed for a regular room or a small living room. If you have a bigger room, it may not be adequate. For a larger area, you may need to spend in a larger jbl subwoofer home theater.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, music lovers who want to enjoy more bass for their music or movie buffs are improving the audio quality of the movies they enjoy as they start on to rely a great deal of subwoofers. Depending on where you want to place these units, you can select above subwoofers for a floor-mounted, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted subwoofer.

In addition, there are some subwoofers designed for utilizing in cars so you can get pleasure from your favorite bass effect while on the go. Different manufacturers offer a number of subwoofers of different powers to gather varying supplies. Kenwood, Pioneer, Yamaha and Sony are major players in this regard.

The list above is based on various parameters such as editing style, power, size and style. While most subwoofers are black, they can have different textures that modify their look. Conversely, some manufacturers, such as Theater Solutions, offer subwoofers with dissimilar color housings that provide them a distinct and awesome look.

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